Creative Studio


What we can do for you:  Seasonal Collections, Capsule Collections, SLG, Novelty Items, Promotional Bags, Lining, Prints, Hardware. 

Styles We can design for you: Contemporary Women's Day Bags, Evening Bags (hard shell & soft leather), Professional Bags, Maternity, Travel, Mens Day Bag, Sports Bags, Beauty Bags, Gift-With_Purchase Items, and Business Accessories.

Materials we work with: Genuine Leather, PU/PVC, Fabrications such as Parachute Nylon, Ripstop Nylon, Canvas, Silk and Exotic Skins such as Caiman/Nile Crocodile, Python, Ostrich, and Lizard. 

Price point we can design for you: From Affordable USD $39.99 to Luxury USD $5000

** Think of us as your in-house Design + PD team who will sit with your in-house merchandising team to go over budget, SKU planning, and design inspirations.