Sampling & Production

I'm partnered with 3certified factories in China and numerous material suppliers in both Italy and greater China region to provide below services

 YKK zippers, black ribbon, O shape buckle. 

YKK zippers, black ribbon, O shape buckle. 


I cannot promise you the moon and the sun but I can reach out to all my contacts and search on your behalf. From leather swatches to PU/PVC, hardware, and trimmings.  


Actual Paper patterns for grading 

Revision comment sheet done in Chinese


• Prototype Sampling and revision to make sure each design is perfect and ready for salesman samples and final production. 

• Salesman samples 

 Niko Ineko 

Niko Ineko 


• Testing compliance (CA's Prop 65, ROHS, or REACH) and Final production delivery 

• Standard production packaging or any other packaging requirements you have

• Final production delivery to customer's DC