Imagination is the boundary, or not. 

Hello Friends, you've found me and thanks for stopping by! I'm a NYC based visual artist with one foot in fashion and the other in the arts. Below are services I provide if anything resonates feel free to contact me for collab or commissioned works! 

Fashion Consulting

Contemporary women's handbags, SLG, evening, and novelty design and development. ODM capability ( I'm partnered with 5 certified factories in China and numerous material suppliers who produce for major US and European labels. ) 

1. Trend research and market analysis

2. Concept illustrations (CAD or by hand)

3. Editorial fashion illustrations for marketing/PR

4.  Color card development

5. Hardware design and development

6. Full size 1:1 ratio Spec development for handbags, SLG, hardware. Can be done either in Mandarin Chinese or English. 

7. Print development

8. Lining development

Well experienced in working with genuine leather, PU/PVC, Nylon, and Luxury Nile/Caimen Croc, Ostrich, and Lizard skins. 

* Additional services include: Color correction, sample revisions and final production.

For inquiries, resume, or references please contact me at, Tel:  1.646.580.7679  

Commissioned Art or Collab

1. Concept illustrations for film script

2. Children's book and textbook illustrations

3. Interior art decor or  public art installation 

If you like to purchase my artworks or interested in commissioned works, exhibitions, or collaborations please contact:

In USA:, Tel: 1.646.580.7679, in association with Dacia Gallery

In EU: Danny Murray at ArtVogue Gallery UK,,, Tel: 01483 363002

In greater China region including Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong: Monica Yung 永心彤女士, Tel: +886 0989 565 856,