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Fashion Illustration Services by ModaRévisé®

Fashion Illustration Services by ModaRévisé®

We provide illustrations for both fashion editorial and fashion illustration, and product concept illustration. 

Each illustration will be a digitally prepared hi-res printable file at 300dpi or more. 

Below are various illustration styles to choose from. 

Fashion Illustrations by ModaRévisé®

Stila Cosmetics Gondola Illustrations, April 2016 

Call Me, Etro! In Pencil + Watercolor + Digital Texture Oct. 1 2015.

Tribute to the Etro Woman: Glamor and sass with a hint of wild spirit. 

Call Me, Dior! Or should I say call me, Raf Simons! A tribute to Dior and its timeless beauty. In pencil + ink pen + digital texture, July 22 2015

Call Me, Emilio Pucci. Part of the Call Me Fashion Illustration series, Call Me, Emilio Pucci is the ode to the printed spirit of a Pucci Girl. Yes, I'm still saving up for that summer dress so do call me Pucci! In pencil and digital texture. July 22 2015

Call me, Valentino. I think it's every woman's dream to own a sheer Valentino dress with butterfly print, and dance in joy in a hot summer day. In pencil + Ink Pen + digital texture, 7.27.15

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