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State of Need series: Emoting with aluminum silver face di-bond sheet and examining the relationship between consumerism. 
State of Want, 09. 16. 2013, mix-media in illustration, Chinese printed fabrication, and water color drip printed on aluminum dibond sheetinspired by +ASOS Saint Heels.

In the Mood for Mustache, 09 20 2013, Hand Illustration and digital art printed on aluminum dibond sheet

I think as a creative person we definitely spend a little more time oscillating between being in a state of want and in the mood for something else. 

Whereas the former is to have the active desire for something, the latter is more of a change of mind for something else. And in between the balance of the two is the drive to create. At least in my case this is how my mind works. 

A sometimes impulsive want almost always follows by a purposeful change of mind; I wonder how many women go through these stages when shopping to their delight. 

From +ASOS Saint Heels to Mustache Ring, either way, I got tripped up by the Ring, and being the quintessential illustrator that I am, I found myself dressed in Chinese qipao's full glory and wore my mustache.

Now the questions is, what is the want conveyed by the symbol of the mustache I feel in the mood to wear

Jordan Winery 40th's Anniversary.
"Cheers" won Second Place for the 4 on 4 art show hosted by Jordan Winery!
P.S. It also won "Fans Favorite!"

Who says learning cannot be visually fun and beautiful!
In collaboration with English 4 Formosa, an education organization that teachers English to none-speakers. 

Concept Illustrations for Soul Stealer, a short film directed by Shawn Spitler, and won Best Director in Canada International Film Festival. 

It's a Cutout World Series
EV8 Group Show
EMOA Space gallery in Chelsea
March 8 - 25.
530  W 25th St. STE #407 New York, NY 10001

Hide and Seek,

It is not what you think.

For 29 years you search for me.

But I'm in the same place as I've always been.

For 29 years I'm still playing hide and seek

For you to search for me.

Will you still love me if I'm still in hiding?

Peek a Boo, I see you.

Wandering about the big city 

chasing after your big dreams

Peek a Boo, You see me.

29 years have flown by 

for you to find me.

Will you still love me after you've found me?

You and I

In disguised,

Hiding from each other with little regret.

Peeking at each other in denial.

Will you still remember me when the game has died?

Will you still love me when we outgrown our lies?

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